All that you need

We do a wide range of graphic design outputs, starting from flyers, banners, Logos, branding designs among others.

UI/ UX Design

Every user likes clean and easy to navigate software interfaces. We design, get your feedback, design and the loop goes on until you are satisfied with how it all looks. You might have a great innovation on software but don't know where to start! This is your first step for prosperity.

from Ksh. 10,000

Logo Design

Many clients judge you by your branding and it all starts from the logo. Some Logos look cheap, others luxurious among other hidden meanings. We are the experts in colors, typography and bringing out concepts encoded with meanings. When we design, you smile at the greatness of the work we have done.

from Ksh. 2,000

Flyer/ Poster Design

Having an event or a party? Or do you just want a flyer to advertise your product? This one leaf design will kick start your advertising campaigns. Having the printouts isn’t a thing but the contents and the looks of the printout is what determines what impact your campaign will have

from Ksh. 2,000

Business Cards

This is the number one marketing tool that gives you the ability to personally market your skills as well as your business. If your business card design doesn’t impress the recipient, then they won’t even bother looking at it.Everybody, i mean everybody needs this.

from Ksh. 1,500

Brochure Design (Tri fold, bi fold, booklets)

Well, this comes in handy when you are advertising a bunch of products or services for your business. Brochures and booklets makes you look big and respectable because they are commonly used by big brands.

from Ksh. 2,000

Social Media Designs

Having a social media business page is good but enforcing greatness in every piece of advert/ photo you post and promote is even much better. We design themes that people can recognize at a glance even before seeing your businesses name or logo.

from Ksh. 700

Banners and Signage

We specialize in Large Format print designs that make you visible and communicate effectively with the aid of a touch of attraction crafted by our team of professionals. We offer greatness in large format.

from Ksh. 2,500

Packaging Designs

A badly packaged design results to bad market performance as the mojority buy products by their looks. We design product packages that convey love, energy, luxury or any experience that you would want your clients to feel.

from Ksh. 3,000

Special Packages 10% Off

Yes!! We love our clients and thats why we have something special for you.

Stationery Design

When you combine Logo design with Business cards, Letter head, Invoice, receipt and delivery note designs in one go, you get a discount too for being one loyal customer.

Printing redefined

Other Printers may ruin the awesome designs, but when we print for you, we can't because we have known what you expect over the design process. Get 10% off the total cost on design and print if we design for you.