About Us

You can say that we are a team of creative minds determined to upgrade the
business industry with modern technologies and promising strategies. But there is more to it

Our short story

VintEx Technologies was founded in 2016 from an intent of forming a team of talented creatives to solve presentational, repetitive and computational tasks while helping nurture young talents as they earn an extra coin. The company was registered and established in 2018.

We envision an organized business world where each employee focuses on important uncomputerizable operations. Our systems cores are fashioned to assist business managers in making informed decisions for strategized & streamlined operations.

In March 2018, VintEx Technologies launched its first Software, Loanist, which would focus in streamlining the business operations a lending institution. Record Keeping, Customer Relationship Management, Data analysis - among others - are some of challenges addressed by Loanist in the industry.

The Company has a solid plan of revolutionalizing business sector and actualizing their vision. Having a strong team of passionate graphic designers and software developer, we work day and night to ensure that we deliver in time. We have delivered on over 100,000+ assignments for more than 1000+ clients.

As part of our ongoing commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs 8, 9, 11), we continue to work towards Decent work and Economic Growth,Industrial Innovation & Infrastrucure and Sustainable Cities & Communities. The company offers an equal opportunity to employers, from different backgrounds. We are committed to equal gender representation at all levels as we aim at achieving a 50:50 gender parity.

We remain committed to becoming a Net Zero carbon-emitting company.

Our Mission

Making the world better through every business.

Our Vision

To nurture technological talents as we grow businesses.

Core Values

  •   Honesty
  •   Patience
  •   Team work
  •   Integrity
  •   Timeliness

Find Us

You can visit our offices if you have inquires, compliments or any other related business. Welcome!