You need a mobile application

Companies spend millions creating brochures and distributing them. By having a mobile application you can skip that entirely. Your potential customers can find out about you and any of your products online. If you get most of your business through networking and personal connections, then they will want to check out your application.

Our Pricing

You might call it cheap but we call it affordable. Our pricing covers the entire app development process, starting from the conceptualization all the way to launch. The prices below are the lower margin where the actual price is defined by the client's requirements.


Androud is self-contained, add functionality and flexibility to Android devices
(Better user experience)

Ksh. 25,000


IOS can run faster on lesser memory and is able to deliver larger battery life
(Run on Iphone devices)

Ksh. 30,000

Web App

Web app reduces costs for both the end-user and the business. Always up to date because updates are applied centrally.
(Always up to date)

Ksh. 40,000

Special Discounts

Enjoy being part of us with heavy discounts and special offers.

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Get a free logo for your application when we design and develop your application.

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You earn an extra 5% discount off the app design and development service cost that we offer you.

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