Why you need Loanist

What's better than spending less time and energy to achieve more than you used to. Besides allowing you ample time to focus on most important business operations and activities, Loanist is a tool for tracking business progress (Incomes, Expenditure, Loans Out etc) in basic timeframes, like annually, monthly etc.

System Features

Loanist is pimped with great features and crafted to operate on a clean easy to understand and use Interfaces. Some of these are as follows:

CRB Intergration

Easily evaluate your clients' credit score with the intergrated secure access to the Metropol CRB.

Data Management

Store, Access & modify Client, Loans, Payments, Expenses, Overdues and much more info.

Data BackUp

The system sends a copy of your data to a secure server every day whenever there is internet connection.


A great optional module that allows your organization to send SMS or Email notifications to clients.

Access Controls

Control who does what on the software with the customized access rights as per your institution.

Elevated Security

Equipped with an authentication system and password encryption, your system's data is secure.

Reports & Receipts

Print or even export info. into printable pdfs and receipt your clients on in-person payments.

Letter Writing

Loanist is integrated with your letter head and a module to easen the hustle of writing official letters.

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